PSP Approved Residential Development Sites

 PSP Approved Residential Development Sites


PSP Approved Development Sites are broad acre sites located within Urban Growth Zones.

These sites have been approved for development by the Victorian Planning Authority

Thee term “PSP”,  refers to Precinct Structure Plans,

These are plans which have been developed in consultation with town planners and other relevant stakeholders.

They are developed to cater fore future population growth within urban growth zones.

Many farmers living on the outer edges of Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat, who purchased land forty years ago are, today, becoming millionaires as they sell their land to Property Developers for $300,000 per acre plus.


PSP Approved Residential Development Sites

We can assess your land and advise you on potential market worth, depending on whether or not it falls within a psp, is within the urban growth  zone and what percentage has been earmarked for residential development.

We can market your property to our extensive list of both local and Chinese investors.

Contact us today for an obligation free appraisal of the potential worth of your broad acre property today


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