About Clearing Sales

Victorian Real Estate Brokers conduct Auction Clearing Sales in all areas of Northern and SouthWestern Victoria, as well as the Northern and Western suburbs of Melbourne.

Clearing Sales, otherwise known as Chattel Auctions, are conducted to dispose of or clear plant, equipment, motorbikes, cars, machinery, antiques, collectibles, household furniture and sundries at the highest current market value. The clearing sales scenario creates competition and a sense of urgency among buyers, hoping to snap up a bargain, who are encouraged to make a decision on the spot.

Victorian Real Estate Brokers Pty Ltd conduct clearing sales on behalf of Vendors for the the purposes of:

  • disposing of deceased estates
  • property downsizing
  • relocation to another property
  • disposing of excess plant and equipment

Victorian Real Estate Brokers have the knowledge and expertise to manage the whole process:

  1. Cataloging
  2. Emailing invitations to clubs and collectors
  3. Internet advertising
  4. Print media advertising
  5. Auctionineering on the day
  6. All associated clerical duties on Auction day

Our goal is to attract the highest number of bidders on the day, ready to pay cash for your goods.

Contact Bob Duda, our Clearing Sales specialist today and have us quote your clearing sale

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